Experience The Phantom of the Opera like you’ve never seen it before. CNN’s 360 video takes you on a magical ride with Christine Daaé and the Phantom himself, through the ethereal stage of the Majestic Theatre.

With James Barbour as the Phantom and Ali Ewoldt as Christine Daaé, CNN travels alongside the longest running Broadway show on stage at the Majestic Theatre. In a 360 degree experience, you are invited to an up close and personal view of The Phantom of the Opera. This is the first 360 experience to emerge from a partnership by The Phantom of the Opera and CNN, and has received over 2 million views since publication. Combining voices of the strikingly powerful Ali Ewoldt and the mysterious James Barbour, this 360 video provides the feeling of a jaw-dropping front row seat. This magnificent cast and stage setting is perfectly exemplified in all its glory via an experience controlled by the user themselves. Watch the video now and let your fantasies unwind in The Phantom of the Opera‘s CNN 360.

The Majestic Theatre New York